Ask These Questions Before

Choosing a YTT Program


After enrolling in a YTT program, some students learn answers to questions they did not even know to ask before joining. We recommend that you ask the following questions of each YTT you are considering joining, so you can choose the program that best fits your needs.



YogaWorks® Yoga Teacher Training

Other YTT Programs

Will I know in advance which modules will be taught on which days, and exactly when my graduation will occur? Yes, YogaWorks YTT runs according to a fixed schedule consisting of 12 modules/weekends over the course of 10 months, which will not change. And, yes, you will know exactly when your graduation will occur. Some YTT programs list only a program start date, and do not schedule modules in advance.  Some other YTT programs require attendance at extracurricular workshops — in addition to YTT modules —, as a condition for graduation.  The substance, additional cost and dates of these extracurricular workshops may not be clearly stated, resulting in an unknown graduation date.
Is there a well-defined, substantive curriculum? Yes, our 12 modules are clearly defined in advance in our schedule and in our “Policies, Procedures and Homework” manual, with substantial reading and homework assignments specifically tied to each module. YogaWorks is the clear choice for those seeking a professional approach to yoga teacher training. Some informal YTT programs provide only meeting dates or module titles without greater detail.  Some require little substantive homework, which can result in graduates who are not well prepared to teach yoga.
May I make up YTT classes that I miss? Yes, there are three ways you may make up missed YTT classes, two of which are free: 
  • You may take a condensed private class with your YTT leader at YogaBalance for a fee, which you might be able to split among other students who may have missed the same class.
  • You may attend for free the same classes at YogaBalance during the following YTT semester.
  • You may attend for free the same YogaWorks classes at any of YogaWorks' 66 studios, which offer the same classes on different dates.
Ask how you can make up missed classes.
Why is the YogaWorks YTT tuition higher than some other YTT programs? The YogaWorks YTT tuition is not higher in some cases, because there are no hidden costs.  YogaWorks YTT students pay only the listed tuition and the cost of published textbooks (about $80).  Your tuition includes YogaWorks' comprehensive, proprietary manuals.  Also, YogaWorks employs dozens of experts in Santa Monica, New York and other cities who are devoted to training YTT program leaders, and to refining the program and manuals. Some other YTT programs end up costing more than the YogaWorks YTT program due to extracurricular workshops and other unadvertised costs.  As with any business decision, use your best judgment when considering a YTT program that is incomplete regarding pricing, scheduling or content, as it may reflect the program's overall thoroughness.
Is the YTT program certified by the Yoga Alliance — the yoga industry's self-regulatory body —, and has the YTT program been favorably reviewed by its graduates?

Yes, the YogaWorks-YogaBalance YTT program is — and always will be — certified by the Yoga Alliance, thereby enabling graduates to register with the Yoga Alliance. YogaWorks has also received the highest ratings and most quality reviews of any YTT program. Several YogaWorks YTT leaders are involved in management of the Yoga Alliance, and are instrumental in defining YTT program certification standards.

Some YTT programs are not certified, so they may not follow Yoga Alliance YTT standards, and graduates are not permitted to register with the Yoga Alliance or use the "RYT" designation.  Other YTT programs that are registered may have received little feedback from graduates.  Carefully check the registration status and graduate reviews of any YTT program you are considering.
Did the YTT leader receive specialized certification training in order to lead YTT programs? Yes, all YogaWorks YTT leaders undergo hundreds of hours of specialized training and must also pass an exacting YogaWorks Certification Assessment in order to lead YogaWorks YTT programs. This is in addition to our leaders' rigorous 500-hour professional training certification and 200-hour training certification, which are prerequisites for entering YogaWorks’ YTT leadership training program. No other YTT program requires leaders to receive specialized YTT leadership training, and to pass a certification test.
Does the leader have 500-hour professional YTT certification from a reputable program? Yes, all YogaWorks YTT leaders are required to receive 500-hour professional YTT certification from YogaWorks or another internationally-recognized program, in addition to their YogaWorks YTT leadership certification and 200-hour certification. Some YTT leaders have not received 500-hour YTT certification.  Ask to see your potential YTT leader's 500-hour certificate, and check the Yoga Alliance reviews and registration status of their 500-hour program.
How many YTT programs has the YTT leader taught? Our professional YogaWorks YTT leaders have lead and co-lead at least five complete YTT programs. Ask how many complete YTT programs the YTT leader has lead and co-lead.
Is a highly qualified back-up YTT leader available? Yes, YogaWorks employs dozens of certified YTT leaders around the U.S. who are flown to YTT programs to substitute teach when needed. When a YTT program has only one leader, the schedule can abruptly change when that leader becomes ill or otherwise unavailable. 
How long has the YTT program been in existence? The YogaWorks YTT program has been in existence since 1990. Some YTT programs have been in existence for short periods of time.
Are there manuals that are specific to the YTT program? Yes, YogaWorks developed proprietary YTT manuals that have been continually refined since the program's inception in 1990. These manuals — which are included in the tuition — supplement the required published textbooks, and comprise over 700 pages of original material, namely:
  • Anatomy Workbook
  • Asana Manual
  • Philosophy and Specialty Topics Manual
  • Policies, Procedures and Homework
  • Teaching Tools Manual
No other program has developed such substantial YTT manuals.
How many students has the YTT program graduated? YogaWorks YTT has graduated over 10,000 qualified instructors, many of whom are highly esteemed in the yoga industry, such as Seane Corn, Shiva Rea, Annie Carpenter, Natasha Rizopoulos, Vinnie Marino, Kathryn Budig and many more. Ask each potential YTT program about their number of graduates.
May I speak with graduates about their experiences? Yes, we offer two (2) Info Sessions each spring and summer before our September YTT program begins at which prospective YTT students can learn about our graduates' experiences. Enroll online to reserve your spot. Ask how you can speak with graduates to learn about their experiences.
May I try out the YTT program before I enroll? Yes, attendees at our Info Sessions will be led through a sample two-hour YTT class and training session, which is a preview of our full YTT program. Ask each potential YTT program whether they offer a substantive preview.
Are YTT graduates successful at finding paid teaching positions? Yes, the YogaWorks name establishes instant credibility with yoga studios around the world, so YogaWorks graduates are much more successful at finding well-paying teaching positions than graduates of other programs. Our graduates are able to network with other YogaWorks graduates who exchange teaching opportunities via the YogaWorks Alumni Association and other social media, and with graduates who run their own yoga studios. Yoga studio owners have become increasingly reluctant to hire graduates of various YTT programs that have sprung up in recent years, as many are substandard or are not certified by the Yoga Alliance.  Also, most other YTT programs do not enable access to a large network of graduates.
Are YTT students invited to teach at the host studio after graduation? If so, are they paid a fair fee? Yes, YogaBalance regularly hires our own YogaWorks YTT graduates who live in the Manchester area, and we pay our teachers the highest per-class fee in New Hampshire. We give all of our graduates who live in the Manchester area an opportunity to demonstrate their teaching skills for open teaching slots by conducting a private demo with our management team. To learn more, visit our Join the YogaBalance Team page. Many "figurehead" studios — where the owner teaches many of the classes — do not hire their own YTT graduates.  Other studios often expect their YTT graduates to accept a per-head teaching fee without a guaranteed minimum, to accept a nominal per-class teaching fee, or even to pay rent for studio teaching time.  These practices are unfair, because those studios' graduates find it difficult to recoup their YTT tuition, let alone earn an income.