Class Descriptions


In this well-rounded class, we will stretch and strengthen our bodies, open our hearts and calm our minds. We will practice longer-held postures with a focus on alignment to refine and deepen our practice. We will practice flow sequences to help us connect with our breath and our subtle energy. Guided by the wisdom of yoga philosophy, we will learn to relate more deeply and authentically with ourselves and the world around us. Appropriate for all - modifications will be offered for beginners.


Yoga is an excellent way to build core strength. In this class, we will explore postures that focus on the primary muscles that stabilize the “core” of your body, and that strengthen and stretch the abdomen, back, buttocks, hamstrings and hip flexors. Your body will enjoy a variety of abdominal work, back bends and twists. All levels are welcome.



Our most vigorous and advanced class, based on the Vinyasa Flow style of yoga. We will explore a variety of fluid movements, postures and breathing techniques, moving from one posture to the next on each inhale and exhale, generating heat, strength and toning. Our Flow classes may explore arm balances and inversions, but modifications will be offered to ensure the class is appropriate for anyone who wants a challenge.


Perfect for beginners or experienced students who want a slower paced, less strenuous class. In this class, we will focus on stretching postures, gentle flows and breathing techniques that release stress, reduce tension and promote relaxation through a calm, meditative approach to the practice.


Prenatal Yoga

Prenatal yoga is offered in six-week sessions that are designed especially for the pregnant practitioner. You will learn breathing and focusing techniques that will help you to relax during pregnancy and childbirth. This class is also appropriate for postnatal students. Visit our Workshops page to enroll in our next prenatal yoga session.


Warm Yoga

The studio is heated to 80-85 degrees, in order to help us loosen tight muscles, open stiff joints, warm connective tissue, release toxins and sweat out stress and tension. Appropriate for all students interested in a moderate challenge, these classes are available during the late Fall and Winter. (Not suitable during pregnancy and for those with heart conditions).

Yoga Teacher Training

YogaBalance® is New Hampshire’s exclusive provider of YogaWorks®YTT, the world’s leading program. Since 1990, YogaWorks has provided training to thousands of teachers, including many internationally acclaimed yogis. Your YogaWorks RYT 200-hour training certificate will be recognized and respected by yoga studios worldwide. Visit our YTT page to enroll in our next session.


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