If you are new to either yoga or YogaBalance, we welcome you to the YogaBalance community. Below is a list of handy tips that will help you get started.


Even if you have attended YogaBalance classes before, we encourage you to review our Studio Etiquette policy, below, so that each YogaBalance class is even more amazing than the last.


New Students


  • First, please create an account in our scheduling system, and then return to this window.

  • Please arrive 20 minutes before your very first class so that you have plenty of time to meet your instructor, complete our new student paperwork, tour our facilities and get settled on your mat. We also encourage you to sign up online for our Introductory Special before your first class, but this is not required as we have several pricing options you may purchase online or at the studio.

  • We begin and end classes on time, and the exterior door to the parking lot is locked at the beginning of each class. The door between our reception area and the hallway remains open during class for students to use the restrooms.

  • The minimum age for attending adult classes is 14 years.

  • A prerequisite for attending our Gentle classes is the ability to get up and down from the floor easily without support.


  • Wear comfortable exercise clothes in which you can sit on the floor and move around easily; i.e., nothing too tight or too baggy. A light top and yoga pants are perfect for women. A T-shirt and yoga pants, long shorts or sweatpants are perfect for men.

  • We practice yoga barefoot, so please remove your shoes before coming into the studio. You may store your shoes and coats in the foyer next to our reception area.

  • Please use the cubbies inside the studio to store your purses and other valuables.

  • Please mute all electronic devices before each class.

  • We provide free, clean yoga mats, towels and props for you to borrow, but you may bring your own. We also sell high quality mats in our reception area.

  • Feel free to fill your water bottle with our complimentary chilled spring water.  We also provide a selection of complimentary teas, chais and coffees for you to enjoy in our lounge or on the road.

  • Feel free to change clothing before and after class in our specially-designed privacy yPods™ located inside our dressing room. They're pretty cool, even if we say so ourselves!

Studio Etiquette


  • Please refrain from attending class, if you have a cough, sneeze, runny nose or contagious illness. Instead, please attend classes remotely via our free YBLive!™ yoga-on-demand until you are well again.

  • Please avoid wearing perfumes or fragrances, and please honor the yogic principle of sauca by arriving clean for each class.

  • Please dress modestly.  Shirts should remain on during class.

  • Some classes get very full, so please adjust your mat to accommodate incoming students.

  • Please speak at a low volume inside the studio prior to class. You are welcome to converse in the lounge before class.

  • Please let your yoga instructor know of any physical condition, injury or concern you have before each class begins, so that the instructor can modify your poses and help improve your experience.

  • Our instructors use physical assists to draw you more deeply into a pose or stretch. If you do not wish to be assisted, please let your instructor know before each class.

  • Feel free to quietly exit and re-enter the studio during class in order to use the restrooms in the hallway.

  • Please plan to stay for the entire class. Final relaxation is a very important part of your yoga practice, and leaving early can be disruptive to other students.


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$69 seniors/students


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