YogaBalance is my second home. I cannot imagine a warmer, more welcoming, or more nurturing place to pursue my practice. I recommend the studio to anyone who has even a passing interest in yoga; with the variety of class types and approaches by the different instructors, there truly is something for everyone. —Brad

Becoming part of YogaBalance has been life altering for me.  It is a refuge, a ”second home”, now.  Thanks to everyone at YogaBalance, my practice is reaching a deeper level, enhancing my spiritual growth and emotional grounding, and improving my physical well-being. There is something for everyone here; I am so glad to be part of it! -Colleen


As someone who spends every waking minute on the go, YogaBalance is the one place where I can take the time to breathe. The safe, nurturing, and fun environment that the instructors have created in their classes has made my visits to YogBalance easily my favorite days of the week. - Lindsay
Because of YogaBalance, yoga has grown from something I do to something I am. Thank you for providing such a first-rate, quality studio and such amazing teachers who can lead us toward the deep transformation that yoga can bring. —David
    AnnaR Every time I step through the doors at Yoga Balance I am greeted warmly and made to feel welcome and comfortable. I value the unique teaching style and expertise of each instructor and appreciate their guidance,support, and encouragement, always making me feel at ease during the most challenging of poses. Compared to others I tried when first looking for a studio, Yoga Balance was the clear winner with it's lovely and spacious studio. -Anna
  The instructors and students at YogaBalance create a positive and relaxing environment that invites personal growth and harmony with the universe. My practice at YogaBalance informs my work as an actor in so many ways, and gives me the peace and energy I need to face challenges in daily life. —Carey
My mental health and advice from a friend got me though the doors of YogaBalance, but the staff and the relief I feel just walking into the studio keeps me coming back. The habits of mind I have learned on the mat have stood me in good stead in the outside world, and I am grateful. I am stronger, physically and mentally, because of my YogaBalance practice. -Rob

  YogaBalance Studio welcomed and invited me to begin a life-long practice. My YogaBalance experience has changed how I feel physically and mentally, and how I choose to live. —Jessica
  YogaBalance is my happy place! I feel accepted for exactly who I am and where I am along my yoga path. With a peaceful atmosphere and compassionate instructors, YogaBalance really has a lot to offer. —Alina
  Offering great and informative workshops and a variety of different levels of yoga classes from knowledgeable instructors, YogaBalance gives me many opportunities to learn how to live a more centered life. —John
  Why wouldn't you want to practice at YogaBalance?! It is clean, classes are plentiful and seven days a week, the experienced instructors are there to assist if necessary, and you make it your own practice! I love attending classes and workshops at YogaBalance! —Gerry
  I find YogaBalance to be an uplifting place to "hang out" with people who share the same goals that we all strive for; that is, to continue self growth from within. —Sharon
  YogaBalance has a great variety of skilled and welcoming instructors who each offer a unique practice. Some days I want to work harder than others. Yoga keeps my stress levels in check and my body healthy. —Maureen
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